Robert Hoehn’s

Jeudi 25 mai
Salle : Théâtre du Gymnase
Dates : Jeudi 25 mai
Horaires : 21h30
Durée : 1h30
Ouverture des portes 30 minutes avant le début du spectacle

Robert Hoehn came to Paris for a one year vacation...15 years ago!

After 8 good years of Obama, and in light of TRUMP, this Self-Appointed American ambassador is forced to defend Americas spotless reputation as the greatest country in the world in: AMERICAN REFUGEE.

Growning up in America, Robert was always a fish out of water, so he loves living in Paris because he finally feels at home! Arriving as a sans papier and working as, first a dish washer, then a yoga teacher, and now as co-writer on the new hit TV show on Canal Plus, entitled WHAT THE FUCK FRANCE.

Robert has many stories to share and hopes the young can laugh and learn from his mistakes. Follow Robert on his journey of integrating into Parisian culture on his own terms. Luckily for you it was never easy for him.
- If you have ever had a bill collector (hussier) threaten you to pay for your daughters school lunches, even though you don’t have a daughter.
- If the URSSAF ever send you a facture for 26 thousand euros…in error.
What’s it like to be zen with Parisians, to have Bi-National Children, a French Wife, take the Parisian metro, traffic, scooters, and living in the ’93? Find out what makes Robert Hoehn, the most Parisian American!
Show performed at a 6 year old English level so everyone should be able to understand, no matter where you think Brian is.
Théatre du Gymnase
38 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle
75010 PARIS
Metro Bonne Nouvelle (Ligne 9) - Reservation au 01 42 46 79 79
by ITC